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One-on-one application help from Jeannie Burlowski makes an ideal graduation, birthday, or holiday gift. Almost without exception, med school applicants are relieved and happy to have a professional person available to help them with the application process, especially with the very difficult and critically important personal essays.

Purchasing Jeannie Burlowski’s help is not only helpful to applicants, however; it’s also very helpful to the applicant’s parents. Many parents tell me: “Jeannie, what you are doing for my child is exactly what I would do if only I had the expertise and if only my child would let me!”

I can work closely with your applicant to:

1) Keep him or her accountable to a timeline that will lead to the earliest, strongest applications possible

2) Brainstorm every good thing possible to say on the application, and decide where to say it and, in some delicate cases, how to phrase it (90% of applicants will leave from 10-20 really good things OFF of their applications when they compile them all by themselves)

3) Subordinate weaknesses and liabilities, and put the spotlight on strengths

4) Get the most out of MCAT test preparation time

5) Create the strongest, most compelling personal essays possible

6) All things you would do for your applicant if only you could!

And the best thing? Jeannie Burlowski’s help is unobtrusive. Your applicant still runs the show, doing all the parts of the application he or she can easily do themselves. He or she only asks Jeannie for help on the parts of it that feel tricky. And because of Jeannie’s thoroughly fair “by the hour” payment structure, you only pay for the help that your particular applicant wants or needs.

Sounds like EXACTLY what I want. What’s the best way for me to purchase this as a gift?

Most people who purchase this service as a gift simply call me to make an appointment, and we tailor make the gift that way.

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