“I came to Jeannie because I had lower MCAT scores due to a couple of different factors. Jeannie helped me to maximize everything else about my application, and in the end I was thrilled to not just get accepted — but to receive a 100% paid full ride scholarship to medical school to boot. I met the love of my life there, got married shortly after med school graduation, and am currently completing a prestigious residency at the Ivy League university of my dreams. Does Jeannie Burlowski change people’s lives? Absolutely.”

K.L., M.D.


“I probably spent 30 hours trying to write my AMCAS personal statement by myself before I found this site. I’d nearly worn out my delete button because everything I wrote looked either sappy and sentimental, or cold, sterile, and unfeeling. (I absolutely dreaded going to one of those expensive admissions consultants who just asks to see what you’ve written and criticizes it.) Jeannie’s required class was amazing, and it completely transformed the way that I was approaching this. After I finished her class I quickly brainstormed five pages of excellent useable ideas from my own life, and Jeannie then gave me personal help deciding which items to include and how I could structure my essay. In a matter of a few hours I had a powerful personal statement that I am still immensely proud of. I got into med school on the first try.”

B. R., M.D., Phoenix, AZ


“My undergrad pre-med advisors told me that I was a shoe-in for med school. After all, I had great MCAT scores and a 4.0 GPA. When I applied to med school for the first time, though, I didn’t get in anywhere. Jeannie helped me to come up with a personal statement that made people laugh and cry, though, and the next time I applied I got so many interviews that I had to cancel half of them. I got into med school immediately–this time with a 100% full ride scholarship. Jeannie Burlowski’s help is highly, highly recommended.”

N.P., Lexington, Kentucky


“Jeannie, as you know I applied to med school last year with top grades from Northwestern University and an awesome MCAT score, and still I didn’t get into med school anywhere. I was devastated. This year you helped me, and I can honestly say that without your help my personal statement and secondary applications would never have been as strong and impactful as they ended up to be. You not only helped me put my qualifications on paper, you also helped me define and express some of my greatest passions and motivations behind my decision to pursue medicine. The confidence you gave me before interviews was invaluable as well! I can proudly say I was accepted to a top 20 medical school this week and I am thrilled!! I could not have done it without you!”

A.M., Chicago, IL


“With my academic record, I was worried that I would never get in to med school. Jeannie was a great help though; she actually helped me structure my AMCAS essay so it looked like academic ability was one of my greatest strengths! Most amazing though, was the day I called her to say I’d been accepted. ‘Wow!’ she said. ‘I helped four people apply to that school this year, and with your call I’m finding out that all four got in!’ The really stunning thing about this is . . . . that school had had 1680 applicants for only 42 slots. Jeannie, I owe you a lot.”

J.K., M.D.


“You told me that I should set my sights higher despite my grades and LSAT scores, so with your help I applied to my dream school and got in! I am first year now and can hardly believe my good fortune! Thanks!”

L. Y., Boston, MA


“My grades were bad and my LSAT was worse. I felt I had no relevant experiences to put in my essays. Other advisors told me I had absolutely no chance of being accepted to my first choice school. You, though, told me that it was absolutely worth a try. Your prices were reasonable, you were supportive and easy to work with, and afterward, on an informational visit to that same school, all the admissions people came out of their offices, stood around me in the building lobby, and said: ‘We couldn’t wait to meet you!’ This school not only accepted me, they gave me 180% of my tuition in scholarship money. THANK YOU! I could never have done this without you!”

D.M., Minneapolis, MN


“With my background, I thought I could never get in. Jeannie helped me come up with a stunning essay, though, and one fall evening I got a phone call at home from the Dean of Admissions at my first choice school. He was calling to offer me the very first seat in the next year’s incoming class – an incredible honor. I was beside myself with excitement, and my wife sent Jeannie a cookie bouquet!”

D.M., medical student, MI


“With Jeannie’s help, my letter of recommendation from the MD/PhD. I did research under was absolutely outstanding. It was clear, specific, convincing, and rich with detail. ‘Wow,’ he said when I handed it to him, ‘Are you sure you want to be a doctor and not some kind of a writer?’ Then he smiled and said: ‘I’ll be happy to send this in exactly as it is.’ I think that letter was instrumental in getting me in.”

D.G., medical student, San Francisco, CA