It’s OK if you have lower grades and MCAT scores.


You can still put together a med school application that makes them say, “Wow. This makes absolutely perfect sense. I don’t even have a question about this. It’s totally clear to me that this person should be in medical school.”

Because getting into medical school is not all about grades and test scores.

But you already knew that, didn’t you.

You know that because if you were on the med school admissions committee, and you were responsible for picking out the doctors of tomorrow, there’s no way you would look only at grades and test scores.

You know intuitively that what matters most in med school admissions is the story that the grades and test scores cannot tell.

What matters most is the story that gets told in the AMCAS personal statement and in the rest of the med school essays.

How else can you explain why, every single year, many applicants with high grades and high MCAT scores are not accepted to med school, and many applicants with lower grades and lower MCAT scores are accepted?

This is happening because when it comes to a high quality med school application, the written materials matter most.

Hi, I’m Jeannie Burlowski.

I’m a nationally recognized expert in admissions consulting, with over 25 years of experience getting students into medical school despite all kinds of application weaknesses and liabilities.

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Read on to find out my thoughts on making your medical school application as persuasive and powerful as it can possibly be.

This will happen when you do a jaw-dropping, fantastic job on the required essays.

When you and I create an application essay together, what we’re really doing is building a mansion.

If you compare the process of creating a compelling, convincing med school application essay to building a mansion, I’m the seasoned, experienced architect who helps you design before you build.

Then, once we’ve created a design for you, I stay with you until everything is complete, until all the rich and beautiful interior finishes and furnishings are perfectly in place.

You need an architect. Don’t settle for a building inspector.

What separates me from the “big box” admissions consulting companies you find online is that I don’t require you to sweat and struggle to produce a personal statement on your own before I’ll work with you.

(I also don’t restrict my clientele to students with rockstar GPAs and MCAT scores in order to keep my “acceptance rates” up, but that’s a story for another day.)

Seriously, you should turn and run from anybody who tells you, “OK, you write an application essay on your own, and then we’ll have an expert on our staff criticize it for you and tell you how to improve it.”

I call that the “building inspector” model for admissions consulting. Med school applicants need and deserve a far higher level of service than that.

After all, isn’t it true that if you’ve just built a tiny garden shed for yourself, no amount of criticism and suggestion is going to turn that garden shed into a mansion?

The way to get a mansion is to design it from the ground up. I help you do exactly that.

And if you have a lower GPA or MCAT score, don’t worry. I can help you design a mansion regardless of the building materials you have to work with.

Read some testimonials from some of my past clients.

They’re inspiring, and they’re encouraging.

Then learn how I can help you right now.

I provide kind, supportive help with all aspects of the process of applying to med school, but you don’t have to buy a big package of services in order to get help from me. Just get my help with what you actually need, and that’s it.

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Whatever kind of support you need, from a little advice to complete med school application supervision, I’m here to help.

Your parents can even get you my help as a birthday present!

Other types of help available from Jeannie Burlowski:

I also help with applications to law, business, grad, veterinary, dental, P.A., physical therapy, occupational therapy, and optometry programs, as well as applications to Canadian, osteopathic, and TMDSAS medical schools. You can see a list of additional things students ask me to help with here.

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I also wrote a very popular book.

Guess where I got the very best ideas for this book? I did a massive amount of research for it of course, but many of my most ingenious debt-free college ideas came from 25 years of meeting with brilliant medical school applicants who shared their debt-free college strategies with me.

You can see over 90 reviews of this book on Amazon at

When we talk, ask me how the med school essays I help you create can be repurposed and used to get you undergrad and med school scholarships.

Even if you have lower grades and test scores.

Learn how I can help you right now.

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Jeannie Burlowski

I have an extraordinary record of getting students into highly competitive law, medical, business, and grad school programs even when college and university advisors said that they “didn’t have a chance.” My work has been featured in publications such as The Huffington Post, USA Today, NerdWallet, and US News and World Report, and on CBS News.

You can learn more about me at You can follow me on Twitter @JBurlowski.

“With my background and my dismal GPA, I thought I could never get in. Jeannie helped me come up with a stunning essay, though, and one fall evening I got a phone call at home from the dean of admissions at my first choice med school. He was calling to offer me the very first seat in the next year’s incoming class. An incredible honor. I was beside myself with excitement, and my wife sent Jeannie a cookie bouquet!”

–D.M., medical student, MI

Be sure to read these testimonials from my past clients.

They’re inspiring, and they’re encouraging.

Then learn how I can help you right now.

Note: Because application advisors cannot control a student’s grades, MCAT scores, the amount and quality of volunteer experience, or how thoroughly students follow the advice offered on these pages, please understand that we cannot guarantee any individual’s acceptance to medical school.