Do you wonder what you should be writing about in that one page single-spaced personal statement?

Do you feel unsure what to emphasize, and what to downplay? Do you have difficulty explaining exactly why you want to be a doctor? Do you try to write, only to find yourself falling back on over-used cliches such as, “I want to help people”?

Are you realizing that the old “introduction-body-conclusion” essay structure just doesn’t work for writing a convincing, compelling med school application essay?

And perhaps most risky of all — are you finding yourself obsessing about this one (very dangerous) question: “What do they want to hear?

Medical school application help is available.

Hi; I’m Jeannie Burlowski. For over 23 years I’ve made my living as a private academic strategist, working one-on-one with people from all over the country to put together individual outstanding applications to medical school.

I provide kind, supportive help with all aspects of the process of applying to medical school including:

The #1 thing students most often ask me to help with:

I’m different from other consultants in that I’d rather you not sweat and work to generate an essay before I start working with you. If you’ve already written something I’ll gladly start with that, but I most love to help you to create your essays starting from bare blank paper. Starting with earliest brainstorming and structuring.

If you think of essay creation like building a mansion, I’m like the seasoned, experienced architect who helps you to design before you build. Then once we’ve got a design in place, I stay with you until everything is complete, until all the rich and beautiful interior finishes and furnishings are perfectly in place. This makes me very different from online med school “consultants” who tell you: “OK; you write an essay on your own, and then I’ll criticize it for you and let you know how you can improve it.” I call that the “building inspector” model for med school consulting. I think that pre-med students need and deserve a far higher level of service than that.

The #2 thing students most often ask me to help with:

  • Letters of recommendation (you need a way to ensure you don’t just get the same form letter your professor or employer sent in for other students last year)

You can see a partial list of other things students ask me to help with here.

If you’d like personal help from me with one or more of these things, just click on GET HELP NOW.

Whatever kind of support you need, from a little advice to complete supervision, I’m here to help.

SIDE NOTE: I also help students with applications to law, business, grad, veterinary, dental, P.A., optometry programs, and Canadian and TMDSAS medical school applications. If you’re a parent and you’re here looking for my help getting your kids through college debt-free and into jobs they love afterward — you can access that help over at