Additional Services

Most people ask me to help them with their personal statements.

If you like, I can also help you to:

◊ Choose which med schools to apply to

◊ Complete all the complex aspects of the AMCAS and/or AACOMAS forms

◊ Decide the perfect timing for applying (Earlier is not better in some cases.)

◊ Maximize the all-important clinical experience

◊ Choose how many med schools to apply to (You need to know why applying to 20+ schools is a very bad idea!)

◊ Create an astounding, convincing med school application despite GPA or MCAT score worries

◊ Make the most of commercial MCAT test prep tools (You need to know why doing practice exams and getting explanations of the questions gets great score increases and memorizing science facts gets you nowhere fast.)

◊ Choose which activities to include and which to leave out of the activities list

◊ Make a great impression in the detailed activities list descriptions

◊ Create compelling supplementary essays (If you’ve inadvertently gotten into a position of having to write 90 supplementary essays in three weeks, I’m famous for helping you to create 6–7 highly individualized essays that can be tweaked to answer all 90 of the questions. A huge time saver.)

◊ Prepare for interviews (I can give you a list of the interview questions typically asked by each med school you’re applying to, and then work with you to use your own experiences to come up with brilliant answers to all the most difficult questions.)

◊ Apply for med school scholarships so you can keep debt levels as low as possible. (This isn’t difficult; the convincing, compelling personal essays I help you to write make fantastic scholarship application essays.)

If you’d like personal help from me with one or more of these things, just click on GET HELP NOW.

Whatever kind of support you need, from a little advice to complete supervision, I’m here to help.

Other types of help available from Jeannie Burlowski:

I also help with applications to law, business, grad, veterinary, dental, P.A., physical therapy, occupational therapy, and optometry programs, as well as to Canadian, osteopathic, and TMDSAS medical schools.

If you’re looking for my inspiring conference or pre-med group speaking, you can learn about that here.

(Pre-med groups in Minnesota can get me to speak for free by emailing me at

I also wrote a very popular book.

If you’re a parent and you’re here looking for my help getting your kids through college debt-free and into jobs they love afterward, you can find all that information in my book, which was released in 2017:

If you’d like a little more info about me, read on.

Jeannie Burlowski

I’m a full time private academic strategist, consultant, and speaker. I have an extraordinary record of getting students into highly competitive law, medical, business, and grad school programs even when college and university advisors said that they “didn’t have a chance.” My work has been featured in publications such as The Huffington Post, USA Today, NerdWallet, and US News and World Report.

You can learn more about my story at You can follow me on Twitter @JBurlowski.

“I’d been an alcoholic during my first three years of college, and even after 7 years of sobriety and a long string of straight A’s in postbac classes my GPA was still a miserable 2.9. My university’s pre-med advisors told me, ‘You’ll never get into med school with that GPA. You might as well not even try. Maybe you should think about becoming a nurse.’ Jeannie, though, said that I should go for it. She told me that if I never tried, I’d have to wonder for the rest of my life whether I could have done it. With her help I made a convincing case that I was highly academically capable despite that 2.9 GPA, and I got into a top 20 med school on the first try. I went through in the top 5% of my class, and am an internal medicine doctor today. Thanks for believing in me, Jeannie.”

E.D., M.D., Minneapolis, MN

Note: Because application advisors cannot control a student’s grades, MCAT scores, the amount and quality of volunteer experience, or how thoroughly students follow the advice offered on these pages, please understand that we cannot guarantee any individual’s acceptance to medical school.